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Do You Have the Business Style of the Year 2017?

Fashion is how we express our personality — but it’s also great business! The way you put together your image lets you brand and market yourself to the world. We spend increasing amounts of time selecting and coordinating our clothes to make sure that we stand out from the crowd with our own personal style. But, is it working?

You’re about to find out! Our event partner, TAPAUS, will present an award for the best business style of the year at Nordic Business Forum 2017. Styles worn by the attendees of Nordic Business Forum 2017 will be entered in a competition organized by Kauppalehti and TAPAUS in the Expo & Convention Center in Helsinki. A jury will select candidates on Monday, October 2nd, and the winners will be selected and announced on the TAPAUS stage on Tuesday, October 3rd.

The jury is led by Kauppalehti Optio journalist Jani Niipola, model and stylist Maryam Razavi, and co-owner of Vaatturiliike Sauma Olli Holstikko.

You can check out the nominees and vote for your favorite styles October 2-3 at

Remember to dress to impress!

How do you take part in the Business Style 2017 competition?

You don’t have to do much to take part in the competition — just pick your best outfit and show up. Judges will go around the venue on Monday (2 Oct) to find and photograph well-dressed attendees. If the camera doesn’t catch you despite your amazing style, you can have your photograph taken at the TAPAUS stand.


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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

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