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Finnkino to Host Licensed Nordic Business Forum 2016 Live Stream Events Nationwide

Finnkino brings the 2016 Nordic Business Forum to eight cinemas in Finland through live stream.

We are excited to announce that this year Nordic Business Forum 2016 can also be watched in the cinemas. Finnkino will be organizing licensed live stream events in eight cinemas around Finland.

The live stream can be watched in the following cinemas:

  • Helsinki Tennispalatsi
  • Vantaa Flamingo
  • Espoo Sello
  • Turku Kinopalatsi
  • Lahti Kuvapalatsi
  • Kuopio Scala
  • Lappeenranta Strand
  • Oulu Plaza

Marjut Apilo-Olson, Head of Event Cinema at Finnkino: ”We are very excited to offer our customers around Finland a possibility to enjoy a top business event like Nordic Business Forum. The seminar complements our versatile Event Cinema offering; we bring quality live experiences to even smaller places that would be otherwise difficult to reach.”

Hans-Peter Siefen, CEO of Nordic Business Forum: “We think it is absolutely great that Finnkino will spread the knowledge which is shared at Nordic Business Forum 2016 in its cinemas around Finland. Finnkino has extraordinary facilities and professionalism to organize this type of events as their cinemas have both premium audiovisuals and space for networking.”

The tickets to the Finnkino live stream will come on sale on June 17th. Companies can also reserve the whole theatre auditorium for their own use. More information on Finnkino’s website »

More information on our NBForum LIVE service here »


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News Nordic Business Forum 2016 Past Events

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