Mikko Hyppönen Joins Nordic Business Forum’s Board of Directors

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Nordic Business Forum welcomes Mikko Hyppönen, the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure, to the board of directors of Nordic Business Forum Oy.

Hyppönen has been with F-Secure since 1991. Hyppönen has written on his research for the New York Times, Wired and Scientific America and he appears frequently on international TV. He has lectured at the universities of Stanford and Cambridge and he has delivered the most watched computer security talk on the internet. Hyppönen was selected among the 50 most important people on the web by the PC World magazine and was included in the FP Global 100 Thinkers list. He also sits in the advisory boards of T2 and The Lifeboat Foundation.

Nordic Business Forum has built something totally unique. No one else runs events like this anywhere in Northern Europe“, says Hyppönen. “I’m proud to join the board of Nordic Business Forum. I hope my contribution will accelerate the growth of NBForum even more.

Petteri Kilpinen the new Chairman

There will be also other changes among the board of directors. Mika Mäkeläinen, the Chairman of the board, will leave his position in the board. Petteri Kilpinen will take his place as the new Chairman. Kilpinen is the CEO of GTW Group. Previously Kilpinen was the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of the advertising agency TBWAHelsinki and a member of the company’s executive group and Senior Innovation director in TBWA Europe.

Anne Berner will also withdraw from the board due to her new responsibilities. Berner was elected into the Finnish Parliament and she was also appointed Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland. Nordic Business Forum wants to thank Mäkeläinen and Berner for the past two years.

Alf Rehn and Jyri Lindén will continue as board members together with Hyppönen and Kilpinen.

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