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Nordic Business Forum 2013 has been published!

The leading stars of Nordic Business Forum 2013 are going to be e.g. authors Malcom Gladwell and Tom Peters, the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales and professors Lynda Gratton and Vijay Govindarajan. However, the main star of the seminar is going to be the legendary CEO and Chairman of General Electric, Jack Welch.

Welch led General Electric to be the world’s most valuable company in the years 1981 – 2001. The market value of General Electric was 13 billion US dollars when Welch started as the head of the company, and 400 billion US dollars when he finished. After him, Welch’s follower in the head of GE has been Jeff Immelt. In the year 2000, the Fortune magazine chose Jack Welch to be the ‘Manager of the Century’, the greatest business executive of the whole 20th century.

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