Nordic Business Forum Receives Customer Experience Award

Nordic Business Forum and its Head of Customer Experience Salla Seppä were recognized by the Customer Experience Professionals Association’s local network (CXPA Finland) with an award for the best customer experience in 2018.

The CX Award Finland is presented annually to organizations and/or individuals who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in customer experience. The award was given at CX Day 2018 (October 2) as part of the International Customer Experience Day celebrations.

Salla Seppä, head of customer experience, Nordic Business Forum: “We are extremely pleased to receive this award, which is dedicated to the whole Nordic Business Forum team and all the people who’ve worked with us to provide a world-class customer experience at our yearly business seminars. With us, we have hundreds of students from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and other important collaboration partners. Delivering a widely-praised customer experience at NBForum for more than 7 500 event guests, partners, and speakers is only possible when we work as one united team that greatly enjoys what it is doing and is driven to go above and beyond the ordinary for our customers.”

“Receiving the CX Award Finland in 2018 is a recognition of the long-standing and ambitious work done at NBForum to set the standards for customer experience in Finland. We hope that our customer experience excellence inspires not only our event attendees but everybody who has been touched by it, in person, online, or otherwise. And with over 300 outstanding students continuing into their future careers with NBForum’s level of customer experience ambition and execution as their benchmark for success, we trust the impact of this recognition will last far beyond this year.” Read more on the award here and read the official press release here.

Customer Experience Professionals Association is an international, non-profit organization for all customer experience management professionals. CXPA Finland is its local network and community active in Finland. Our aim is to foster meaningful encounters to help everyone succeed. We want to help organizations to provide better customer experiences and grow. We organize regularly interesting events around various themes related to CX. Our activities are made possible by a team of volunteers and partner companies.


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