Anssi Rantanen – Why Experimentation is the Future of Growth [FULL KEYNOTE]

Anssi Rantanen’s main stage presentation at Nordic Business Forum 2019. Anssi Rantanen is the winner of Nordic Business Forum’s 2019 Speaker Contest. Anssi is currently CEO at Growth Tribe in Finland, an education company that teaches companies the skills that they need in order to succeed. Anssi is a growth marketing expert and he has helped over 50+ companies implement and execute growth strategies during a 3-year career Google. Anssi has also founded 3 companies in the last 10 years. Anssi is extremely passionate about learning: he was never good at school but fell in love with learning at Google. — For more info on the Nordic Business Forum 2020 Speaker Contest, the opportunity to present in front of 7700+ executives, and the 50,000€ speaking fee, please visit: — Nordic Business Forum 2020 tickets & event info: #nbforum #nbforum2019


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