Leaders Who Change the World – Behind the Scenes of Nordic Business Forum – Full Documentary

The documentary reveals who are the people behind the best leadership event in the Nordics and how they organized such a massive conference. The film studies different issues one faces when trying to build such a company – working under pressure, dealing with stress, fear of public speaking, and teamwork. We follow four characters behind this event – Hape who is a co-founder of NBForum, Salla – head of customer care, Anssi – winner of the Speaker Contest and one of the keynote speakers of NBForum 2019, and Nazzira, an intern in charge of the most hectic place of the event – the warehouse. #nbforumdoc #nbforum2019 #nbforum #behindthescenes #vitapictura #growth #nbforum #documentary #innovation #businessconference #NBForum2020 #RethinkingBusiness #teamwork #nordicbusinessforum #leadership #business #businessconference CREDITS Production Company | Vita Pictura https://vitapictura.co Director | Georgius Misjura Producer | Serj Rimma Documentary Cinematography | Aleksei Kulikov, Joosep Kask, Maksim Kazmirevski Aftermovie Cinematography | Jarkko Jortikka, Jussi Paakkinen, Martin Raid, Robert Parelo, Tofik Mamedov Interviewers | Tuomas Liisanantti, Vesku Matara Additional Sound Recording | Dmitry Natalevich Post-Production | Vita Pictura Colour Grading and Sound Mixing | Dmitri Morjakin Video Editors | Georgius Misjura, Kaupo Kuusemäe Assistant Editor | Nikita Kurashov NBForum team and speakers | Anssi Rantanen, Hans-Peter Siefen, Nazzira Abrales, Richard Quest, Salla Seppä, Théotime Pellé, Tuomas Liisanantti WLF Entertainment | Sami Niemi, Vesku Matara Special Thanks l Karolina Lahti, Roman Pototski, and the entire Nordic Business Forum team.


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