Seth Godin on marketing, storytelling, attention, and the future of work

Marketing author Seth Godin discusses five of his most well-known books + more: Permission Marketing Purple Cow All Marketers Are Liars Tribes Linchpin The Icarus Deception Read the full story on Nordic Business Report: #nbforum #nordicbusinessforum


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Bootcamp for Business Growth – Compilation

Bootcamp for Business Growth was Nordic Business Forum’s first intensive training program. The coaches of the program were Nilofer Merchant, Ryan Holiday, Keith Cunningham and Roy Baumeister.

Seth Godin
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Speaker of the week: Seth Godin

Seth Godin has the intention to change the way people think and get people to make it happen. Godin, a bestselling author, speaker and marketer will explain to us how to get our ideas spread. Godin not only aims to […]