Soulaima Gourani – Nordic Thinkers 20

Soulaima Gourani from Denmark is one of the two women who did it to the Nordic Thinkers 20 list. We invited her to Finland for an interview. You can read the interview and check the list of the 20 greatest business thinkers in the Nordics at


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Selling Is Purposeful Work

As we know, people commonly avoid sales. Sadly, the entrepreneurs themselves are the best ones to avoid it. It is easy to hire someone else to do the “dirty work”, even though selling, especially in the beginning, is the most […]

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Live Stream from Nordic Business Forum’s Press Room

This year, we will be live streaming the seminar’s press conferences online at All the speakers of the seminar will be meeting the press in the press room. Those who cannot participate in the seminar, can use this broadcast […]