How do you recharge your batteries?

We asked Nordic Business Forum participants how they recharge their batteries in the midst of a hectic working life and during their spare time.

”When I run, I try not to think about anything. It is my own time, when I can get away from everything. But almost every time, the opposite happens—whatever issue that has been bothering me seems to resolve itself.”

”Definitely yoga, and perhaps especially meditation, clear my mind of excess concerns. After that, I feel relieved, and I look forward to starting even a hard day’s work. That is certainly why my stress management is good.”

”I take time for myself as often as I can and I read books on philosophy and psychology. I believe that this has also improved my ability to handle pressure at work. As an inquisitive person, I get energy even from short meetings such as the business conference here.”

”I have a long commute and so I relax by listening to music. If there is a suitable break during the day, I head to the café and watch the people streaming by. But this is a fairly rare treat.”

”I dislike e-mail and so I read my messages at very specific times. Is there time to think? That question really hits home, since working days are so hectic that I just want to relax by cooking or watching sport.”

”I recharge my batteries four times a day by walking my dog. Is it not said that walking is meditative? A few years ago, I was doing 15-hour days. I made a complete lifestyle change.”

”Time is certainly the scarcest resource for everyone here. The best is good discussions with people with very different backgrounds, so I emptied my calendar for two days. I don’t separate spare time and working hours; I do what I like.”

”I am a life coach and I meet three clients a day. The rest of the time I keep for myself. I teach my clients, among other things, how to be your own master. In that way you also learn how to master your own calendar.”

”I like travelling alone. The best ideas can come to you in the car or while flying. Apparently, I have trained myself to do this. During the day, you sit in long negotiations and wade through memos, so you need to spend the evening quietly”.

”Naturally, my inspiration source is sailing with good companions. I also likechallenging discussions and debates. Something new often comes out of them, and this in turn leads to, say, creating new apps.”



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