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6 Steps to Master Personal Development

“If a person is not committed to personal development, they don’t succeed,” said the iconic Brian Tracy at our event some 10 years ago. And we believe it still holds true today.

Navigating through 2024, it remains crucial for business leaders to adapt and grow continuously, both professionally and personally. Drawing inspiration from the past and upcoming Nordic Business Forum speakers, here are 6 practical ways to master personal development this year.

1. Aim to Continuously Learn and Develop

“The most important skills for surviving and flourishing in the 21st century are not specific skills like computer code. Instead, the key skill is how to keep mastering new skills throughout your life.” – Yuval Noah Harari

Learning is not a one-time thing. Especially now, in our ever-evolving environment, continuous learning is key. Many Nordic Business Forum speakers, such as Yuval Noah Harari and Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae, emphasize the importance of lifelong learning. Whether it’s through reading or listening, courses or events, expanding your knowledge base regularly is vital.

-> Dedicate time and space for learning systematically. Focus on both your industry- or role-specific skills and also broader topics like business environment, AI, and sustainability to remain informed. Also, take time to develop how you work.

2. Prioritize Holistic Well-Being

“Do we define success by money and power? Add a third leg to that stool: well-being and wisdom.” – Arianna Huffington

It’s widely known: personal development is intimately linked with well-being. Yet, knowledge workers too often neglect self-care. Renowned speakers at our forum, like Arianna Huffington and James Hewitt, advocate for a holistic approach to health.

-> Be intentional about taking care of yourself. Ensure you cover the basics: sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. And don’t forget the importance of your mental health; practices like mindfulness and meditation can enhance focus, creativity, and stress management.

3. Use Goal Setting as a Tool for Growth

“What you want in life is a goal that you’ll keep pursuing, and try to find a way to get there. It’s more important, even, than the knowledge you have.” – Steve Wozniak

Goal setting is a powerful tool for personal development. As many top business people, such as Steve Wozniak, suggest, setting goals can drive motivation and provide a roadmap for success. When you know where you need to go, you will be more intentional about developing yourself to get there.

-> Set clear goals for yourself. Determine personal goals that are actionable, measurable, and aligned with your values and long-term vision. Regularly review and adjust them as needed.

4. Keep Your Calendar (and Eyes) Open for New Ideas

“Don’t free up time to do more. It’s better if you simplify your work in order to think more.” – Lisa Bodell

Emails and meetings consume much of your time, leaving little for contemplating the bigger picture. Sounds familiar? Many of our speakers, such as Morten Hansen and Lisa Bodell, underline that you need to find the meaningful things to focus on and cut the meaningless tasks you waste your time on. You need to create the space and time for learning and development.

-> Schedule time to think. Simplify your tasks to free up time. Then, make sure you reserve that time for yourself to think.

5. Network Intentionally to Learn

“There’s currency in connections.” – Carla Harris

Networking isn’t just about collecting business cards—it’s about building meaningful connections. Discussing with your peers expands your professional circle and, more importantly, allows you to gain new insights and perspectives that can bring you a step forward.

-> Find effective networking opportunities. Keep your eyes open for situations and events where you can meet your peers and industry fellows. Use those opportunities to build new business relationships and be open to gaining new perspectives and learning new approaches.

6. Attend Courses, Events, and Conferences with Focus

”Thinking of the variety of people I met and the different kinds of organizations represented, it [NBF] was such a great experience. I can’t imagine somebody in this region not benefitting of this in a great way.” – Patrick Lencioni

One of the most dynamic ways to fuel your personal and professional development is to attend courses, events, and conferences—like Nordic Business Forum. We genuinely believe that intensive events like ours are not just about absorbing knowledge from global thought leaders; they’re about experiencing the collective energy of like-minded individuals passionate about growth. Events like NBF provide unique opportunities for inspiration, learning, and networking that can take you closer to your personal development goals.

-> Attend events and courses regularly to boost your personal development. Dedicate focused time to attend live courses and events and you’ll tick many of the personal development steps at once.

Take a Step: Join Nordic Business Forum 2024

“I promise you, you will not find a better run, better event of this type anywhere in the world.” – Jim Collins

Mastering personal development requires a multifaceted approach, from well-being to taking focused time for development. As we look forward to the Nordic Business Forum in September 2024, we invite you to join us in this growth journey. And we dare to promise you: It’s more than a conference. It can be a stepping stone to mastering your personal development in 2024 and beyond.

Join Nordic Business Forum 2024 to invest in your personal development


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