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Camilla Hessellund Lastein’s 6 Steps to End Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates. Everyone jokes about it. Yet, everyone feels guilty about it. How can we stop procrastinating and get to work? Lix co-founder and CEO Camilla Hessellund Lastein has some ideas that can help everyone from students to seasoned professionals. Here are her 6 steps to stop procrastinating.

1. Activate a blocker

Get yourself a website blocker addon for your browser that prevents you from accessing all the websites that distract you. This way, you only have access to websites and information that help you work and you will stop losing work time to websites that you shouldn’t be looking at anyway. You can deactivate the blocker during your breaks but don’t forget to switch it on when you get back to work.

2. Drink water

Numerous studies have shown that drinking water increases your focus and productivity. Make sure that you are not dehydrated by keeping a bottle of water next to you and drinking from it regularly. You’ll get more out of your work days and it gives you an easy reason to get up from your desk to stretch your legs and refill the water.

3. Get outside

Getting some fresh air helps you concentrate on your work tasks. During your day, don’t hesitate to go for a walk to clear your mind (no errands, just walking). This is probably the most cost-efficient activity to do to be productive at work.

4. Clean your workspace

A clean desk can significantly drive your creativity and productivity. Making sure that your workspace is tidy (or at least that the mess is out of your sight) will help you stop procrastinating.

5. One thing at a time

Stop multitasking. At the beginning of your workday or workweek, make a list of the things you need/want to achieve, rank them from the most to the least important, and get them done in that order, one at a time. Changing repeatedly from one task to another (multitasking) is going to make you lose focus and be less productive.

6. Try the Pomodoro approach

This might not be suitable for everyone but Camilla outlines that it has proven positive results for many. The idea is to focus intently on one task for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. Repeat for 2-3 more rounds and take a longer 30-minute break. With this technique, you will get little breaks that will help you assimilate what you are doing and help you be more productive for the next round.

Who is Camilla Hassellund-Lastein?

Camilla Hessellund Lastein is the CEO and co-founder of Lix, a study app where college students can get affordable digital university textbooks. She manages a team of 30+ people and has raised $7.5M in investments for this company. Camilla has been recognized in the Scandinavian tech community with awards like “Founder of the Year 2017”, “Young Leader of the Year 2018”, and has appeared on “The Nordic 100” list 2017, and the “25 And Under in Northern Europe” list from the Nordic Business Report in 2018.

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