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Leader’s Digest | April 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 edition of the Leader’s Digest, your monthly compass for navigating the world of business leadership. In this issue, we’ll dive into the current business environment and explore how to boost business growth.


  • How to Make Sure Your Business Stays Relevant?
  • Exploring the New Era of Global Competitiveness with Stéphane Garelli
  • Free Webinar on AI with Peter Hinssen
  • Sneak Peek to the Behind the Scenes at NBF
  • Inspirational Quote by Amy Webb

New Leadership Insights

How to Make Sure Your Business Stays Relevant?

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead requires more than just keeping up with trends—it demands a strategic approach to personal and business development. We distilled wisdom from five industry leaders into actionable insights:

Stay Informed and Ahead: In the middle of information overload, the secret lies in focusing on data directly relevant to your customers and business goals. However, in order to stay ahead, you also need to open your gaze to alternative sources of information.

Embrace Technology with Purpose: Leverage technology not just for innovation’s sake but to solve real problems, enhance efficiency, and align with sustainability efforts.

Learn from Failure: Building a resilient team or exploring uncharted technological territories comes with challenges that, when navigated wisely, can lead to significant organizational learning and development.

Get Inspired and Experiment: Actively seek inspiration also from the people around you. Then, connect seemingly unconnected issues, try to find patterns, and experiment continuously.

Read the full blog to get a roadmap for your business to staying relevant, competitive, and innovative.

Exploring the New Era of Global Competitiveness with Stéphane Garelli

“I think that the decisions from governments increasingly impact companies. It’s going to become more complex and slower for businesses to operate. And it will have an impact on the strategies and the structure of companies.” – Stéphane Garelli

We recently sat down with competitiveness professor and World Competitiveness Center founder Stéphane Garelli to dive into today’s global business environment. He highlighted various perspectives that affect competitiveness, such as:

🌍 The Shift in Globalization: We have moved from an era of openness to the current fractured world economy.

🎯 3 Strategic Imperatives for Businesses: Due to the complex operating environment, companies need to secure supply chains, safeguard assets, and ensure operational security.

🏛️ Importance of Navigating Political Landscapes: Leaders need to pay more and more attention to political events and civil society to maintain a competitive edge.

💡 Adapting to Technological and Workforce Changes: Companies must embrace AI pragmatically and respond to the evolving aspirations of the modern workforce.

Tune into our blog to dive deeper into Stéphane’s insights on the current competitiveness landscape.

IMF Economic Outlook

Today, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be releasing their biannual Economic Outlook. This publication presents IMF economists’ analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term.

To get a proper topical economic overview, make sure to read their comprehensive report!

NBF Spotlight

Join us behind the scenes as we introduce our speakers, share event updates, and more!

NBF Speaker of the Month: Mario Draghi

🔸 Former President of ECB

🔸 Former Governor of the Bank of Italy

🔸 Co-founder of Nexxworks



The iconic American economist, Paul Krugman, has praised Mario Draghi as “the greatest central banker of modern times.” That tells something about Mario—who also got the nickname Super Mario during his time as the President of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Mario acted as the President of ECB from 2011 to 2019, and was celebrated for his pivotal role in stabilizing the Eurozone. Under his leadership, the ECB’s policies spurred an economic upswing, generating 13 million jobs and a significant rise in the European stock market. With involvement in critical economic events like the 2012 Eurozone crisis, the 2015 Greek Debt Crisis, and Brexit, Mario’s insights are invaluable for understanding the global economy’s future trajectory.

At Nordic Business Forum 2024, Mario will walk us through the current global economic situation and also provide his advice for business leaders going forward.

Happiness & Work Livestream Studio Session

The 2024 World Happiness Report was published about a month ago, and Finland is number 1 for the seventh time in a row. But what is it that we do here that makes us so happy? And what is the role of business and leadership in happiness?

We believe that business and leadership are not only affected by what’s observed in the report but can also impact the results. On the 26th of September, at Nordic Business Forum 2024, we’ll be dedicating a full Livestream Studio session to explore the connections between happiness, work, and leadership. The stage will be taken by brilliant minds such as Li Andersson, Frank Martela, and Kirsi Piha.

The entire Livestream studio program will be streamed on our social media, so join us at hashtag #NBForum2024 for interesting discussions!

Stop and Think

”You define the problem, you break it down. And for each sub-problem, you go out into the world and search for different ways in which that problem has already been solved.”

Sheena Iyengar


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