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Leader’s Digest | February 2022

This time our biweekly newsletter offers insights into psychological safety and organizational development with the help of experts such as Amy Edmondson and Nilofer Merchant.

Top Content Picks

⚡️ Article: What is psychological safety and why is it so powerful? Learn the basics from Amy Edmondson, the #1 Management Thinker in the world.

🏆 Full Keynote: Nilofer Merchant has cracked the success code: Success is where Talent and Purpose are multiplied and taken to the highest power by the Culture.

🧠 Podcast: Work smart, not hard. Studies show that doing less and prioritizing the few things that matter is the key to driving your revenue and growth, argues Morten Hansen.

🌍 Article: “We are surpassing many planetary boundaries and less bad is simply not good enough anymore. The only acceptable way to think is restorative, regenerative, and reparative”, says Paul Polman.

Opportunity to Step Up

Why should your company embrace Small Data?

MartinLindstrom Webinar

At our upcoming webinar, Martin Lindström, a renowned author and business expert, will give you a step-by-step roadmap on small data by addressing the following issues:

🔸 Why your employees must replace your Big Data strategies
🔸 How it is possible to adopt a Small Data approach right away
🔸 Why you as a leader need to spend time with your consumers

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PS. Martin is also coming to Nordic Business Forum 2022 in September, so this is the perfect opportunity to get a sneak peek of some of his ideas.

Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

Today purpose-driven employees seem to be in high demand. However, could doing the obvious job well be purposeful enough?

According to a recent article in the Economist, it is important to look beyond the vague term of a “meaningful job”. Research confirms that people are motivated by different things and that they also find purpose in different things. “Having a purpose does not necessarily mean a desire to found a startup, head up the career ladder or log into virtual Davos. Some people are fired up by the prospect of learning new skills or of deepening their expertise.”

What this means is that leaders need to 1) be aware of assuming that the overall company purpose provides motivation to all the employees and 2) think more creatively about career progression than promoting people into management jobs. To learn more about the topic, read the full article.

Stop and Think

“You want to make your culture into a magnet that pulls great employees in and retains them over time as the competition for those great employees is going through the roof.”

– Brian Halligan


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