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Malala Yousafzai and Tim Ferriss to Speak at Nordic Business Forum 2023 in Helsinki

The dates, the event theme, and the first speakers for next year’s annual Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki have been announced.

Our 2023 edition of Nordic Business Forum will be held on the 27th and 28th of September in Messukeskus, Helsinki. The event keynotes and discussions will revolve around the topic of creating change from the perspectives of leadership, innovation, and resilience. The purpose of this emphasis is to make business leaders equipped to be proactive in this world of uncertainty.

“Fresh out of a global pandemic, we are in the midst of war in Europe. Not to mention, the way we use natural resources is causing drastic environmental problems. Needless to say, we are confronted with unprecedented challenges. But we should try to not only face these problems—but solve them. And we believe businesses play a key role in this, which is why we want to provide leaders with the inspiration and knowledge to thrive in this chaotic environment,” explains Hans-Peter Siefen, the co-founder of Nordic Business Forum and the CEO of Business From Group.

We have confirmed the first speakers that will help business leaders create change. The speakers are:

  • Malala Yousafzai – Co-Founder of Malala Fund and Nobel Laureate
  • Tim Ferriss – Entrepreneur, Author, Investor
  • Patrick Lencioni – Founder & President of The Table Group, Author
  • Rebecca Henderson – Economist & Harvard Professor
  • Nicolai Tangen – CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management
  • Francesca Gino – Behavioral Scientist & Harvard Professor
  • Jos de Blok – Founder and CEO of Buurtzorg
  • Amy Webb – Futurist, Author, Founder of Future Today Institute

“We are incredibly excited to get these eight prestigious speakers on our stage next year. Considering the theme of creating change, we are specifically honored to have Malala Yousafzai share her experiences at the event. After all, she is someone who has been able to create meaningful large-scale change in a societal context, and I’m sure we and our audience can learn a lot from her”, emphasizes Priit Liiv, the CEO at Nordic Business Forum.

The tickets are now on sale, so get yours fast!

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