What Will You Learn at Nordic Business Forum 2022?
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What Will You Learn at Nordic Business Forum 2022?

Future-Focused Leadership—what is it, and what will you learn about it at the upcoming Nordic Business Forum 2022?

Future-focused leadership is a topic so vast one cannot hope to cover it in a lifetime. Therefore, NBF 2022 gathers some of the leading experts of the 21st century to discuss key issues related to the field. You will learn how organizational culture, brand strategy, and the future of work shape leadership and ensure agility and success in future organizations. Here are some of the things to look forward to at Nordic Business Forum 2022!

Organizational Culture

To respond to external changes and induce them, future-focused leaders need to change their organizations from within. At NBF 2022, you will learn about the characteristics of a successful organizational culture, and how to achieve them. 

Fostering innovation and creativity: Future organizations need a culture where ideas flourish and mistakes are welcomed as learning experiences. How to uphold psychological safety and create a tangible process for creativity and innovation?

Creating the right mindset: A positive attitude is essential for companies to create success. Negativity can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, so how do leaders create a culture of positivity?

Building a corporate tribe: Future leaders need to embrace people and unite them in the face of change. What actions can leaders take, and what skills should they possess to build a lasting corporate tribe?

Brand Strategy

As platforms, trends, needs and wants, and the business environment change, a brand needs to keep up. Experts at NBF 2022 will tackle burning issues related to brand strategy in the future.

A changing customer experience: Consumers will live in a different world of communications in the next decade. How can brands respond to the changing world of Web 3.0?

The building blocks of a brand: The constitution of a brand will be different in the future, and therefore our methods of building a brand will also change. What kind of development should brands prepare for?

Preserving a strong brand through crisis: Facing the challenges of the future, brands need to remain stronger than ever. How can leaders guide both their brand and team through challenging times?

And even further—what will the 2030s look like for brands and businesses overall? 

Future of Work

What will our future workplaces look like? What new methods will be employed, and how do these changes affect leadership? We have many questions, and the experts at NBF 2022 will be able to answer many of them:

How technology shapes our skillsets: As technology provides more and more solutions, it also creates uncertainty about the role of people in the workplace. What skills are required of leaders and employees alike to thrive in the 21st century?

Mastering Global Business:  The future of work crosses borders and breaks through cultural and geographical boundaries. Leaders will need to become masters of cross-cultural communication and understand the impact of local culture on international interaction. How can leaders learn to leverage the global marketplace?

Applications of influence: Future leaders and businesses will be able to exert their influence in various ways. What processes lie behind decisions and behavior, and how can leaders exert influence?

If you’re interested in learning more about the speakers and their keynotes, you can find more information here:

Learn More About the Speakers

Additionally, our speakers will discuss current issues surrounding the macroeconomic environment and its applications to leadership. You will also be hearing about the future of work, from the future of work. Stay tuned for our updates about the remaining speakers!

These topics and more will be explored by the 2022 Nordic Business Forum lineup. Did you get your tickets yet? If not, you can find them from the link below.

Be ready to get inspired ✨ 

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