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Holiday greetings – 190 000 trees planted

Since 2011, Nordic Business Forum has planted one tree per attendee of its annual flagship event in Finland as a way to create carbon sinks. This year, we made a donation to World Vision’s tree-planting initiative in Ethiopia.

With the donation, almost 190,000 trees will be planted over 188 hectares (approximately 1000 plants per hectare). The reforestation work in Ethiopia continues in areas such as Offa and the extensive mountain range in the Shashemene area. Sustainable development and the engagement and training of local people are additional priorities of the initiative.

Since 2011, we have donated approximately 731,820 tree plants altogether. You can read more about our sustainability policies and efforts on our Sustainability page.

The reforestation project in Ethiopia.

Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration Project

World Vision’s Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) helps empower communities who are suffering from the effects of degraded land and climate change.

In addition to planting new trees, the project is going to revive the roots of already existing vegetation using a farmer-managed natural regeneration (FMNR) method. This method is a sustainable land restoration technique that helps to increase resilience to climate change and living standards in the area.

In practice, FMNR involves training farmers to systematically regrow and manage trees and shrubs from seeds, sprouting root systems, and trees that have been cut. The regrown vegetation helps to restore soil structure and fertility, fight erosion, increase biodiversity, and rehabilitate water sources.

The new forest will grow quickly and sustainably. As a result, it can double crop yields, provide timber for building and firewood, shade for livestock, and wild food for nutrition and medication.


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