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Leader’s Digest | December 2023

As the year is ending, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year and make plans for the new one. Whether you’re coping with the uncertainty of the current economy, planning to be more innovative, or thinking about the best ways to onboard your new executive, we have you covered with this year’s last Leader’s Digest.

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Coping with uncertainty
In our Behind the Keynotes video series, we interview our 2023 speakers on current topics. In the latest episode, we asked their views on developing resilience and preparing for the future in an uncertain world. Check out the latest episode now.

Leading with innovation
We recently organized a webinar with Professor Costas Markides, where he shared his five key strategies for leaders to create a culture of innovation. You can read the summary or watch the full webinar on our website.

Onboarding into senior roles
Did you know that the success rate is lower in more senior roles? Nordic Business Report discussed the process of onboarding for senior roles in a recent article.

Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

Think Again with NBF2024 Speaker Adam Grant

In the face of constant change, leaders must adapt and innovate. This executive summary explores key insights from Adam Grant’s bestselling books, “Think Again” and “Originals.”

Adam Grant, a leading organizational psychologist, provides a compass for modern leadership, emphasizing the importance of questioning assumptions and fostering creativity. He introduces the concept of a “thinking mindset” and categorizes thinking patterns into preacher, prosecutor, and scientist modes.

The curse of knowledge is highlighted, stressing the need for continuous learning. Shifting to “Originals,” Grant outlines tools for leaders, including leading with weaknesses, making the unfamiliar familiar, creating psychological safety, fighting groupthink, and rethinking culture fit.

The summary concludes with the importance of recruiting diverse skills, particularly “disagreeable givers,” to drive innovation. Grant’s insights offer practical guidance for leaders navigating an ever-changing landscape.

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Stop and Think

“Choose hope, embrace joy, and dare to act.”

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