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How to Become a Powerful, Impactful, Influential Leader with Carla Harris

What will the next generation of global leaders have in common? Carla Harris, the Managing Director of Morgan Stanley, talked about the changing nature of what makes a powerful, impactful, and influential leader. Talking without any visual presentation, Harris made a powerful figure. Change is coming: gone are the days where a leader could tout the old “my way or the highway” mindset. Now, Harris iterated, a modern leader needs to be able to motivate and inspire the new generation of workers.

With that in mind, how can you ensure a culture of creativity and innovation in your business? When Harris started working in business after studying at Harvard, everyone assumed that success in business was down to the individual. This model relied on individual smart leaders from the best schools bringing the creativity and innovation that lead to success.

But this route to success is fragile. It depends on a few talented leaders. The new success function moves beyond the concept of individual success and instead sees success as coming from the company culture and the company as a whole. In this new model, leaders are no longer tasked with bringing creativity and innovation to the company, but instead tasked with inspiring the company as a whole to be creative and innovative. But how can you make sure that happens?

In the talk, Carla Harris shares what she has identified as the eight pearls of wisdom to becoming a manager that can attract and retain the best talent. Through authenticity, trust, clarity, diversity, innovation, inclusivity, creating other leaders, and voice, a leader can guide the whole business to success. To learn more about how you can apply them to your leadership skill set and ensure you maximize the potential of your employees, go read our Executive Summary!

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