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Monthly Webinars and Past Keynotes Added to Nordic Business Forum LIVE

Our Nordic Business Forum LIVE is now more than just live stream broadcasts.

Nordic Business Forum LIVE is known for its high-quality live stream broadcasts from our events. We have made some changes to our LIVE platform and are proud to present our new and improved LIVE product. With the new LIVE platform, we want to inspire leaders throughout the year, not just around our events.

“Learning and personal development is an all-year-round task for leaders, so we wanted to make that easier by upgrading our LIVE product. The new video library feature enables access to previous speeches, but at the same time, we are working on producing fresh content throughout the year to regularly provide new ideas for our customers. With these developments, we aim to offer an extensive learning platform for C-level executives, business owners, and board members”, says Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

Now, in addition to the live stream of the 2020 events held this fall, the LIVE platform includes access to premium content from our past events and monthly webinars with our speakers. We have already published 17 selected keynotes from the past, plus the recording of the webinar with Risto Siilasmaa on scenario planning. We are in the works of scheduling new webinars and will be also adding more selected keynotes in the upcoming weeks.

The new Nordic Business Forum LIVE includes:

  • Monthly webinars with speakers such as Stéphane Garelli and Gary Hamel
  • Live Streams from all our 2020 events
  • Selected keynotes from past events

As before, we offer two types of passes, one for single users and one for businesses and groups for public screenings.

All Nordic Business Forum 2020 tickets and already purchased live stream passes include access to the new LIVE platform.


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