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6,046 Donated Tree Plants to End the Year 2020

Each year, for the past 10 years, we’ve donated tree plants in order to compensate for the carbon emissions generated from our events. This year is no different.

In everything we do, we try to remember that we didn’t inherit this world from our parents, we merely lease it from our children. That is why we compensate for the carbon footprint of our events by donating a tree plant for every person who bought a ticket to our main event (e.g. in 2019, we donated 7,655 trees).

The year 2020 was a bit different due to the COVID-19 pandemic; we couldn’t organize any live events. But the crisis didn’t stop us from helping our community of business leaders to develop themselves. In fact, we gathered a total of 6,046 people around our online events and virtual courses.

This means that this year, 6,046 trees will be planted to compensate for the carbon emissions generated from organizing our events and courses.

Since 2011, the very beginning of this initiative, to this day, we’ve donated 53,320 trees in total.

“This initiative of donating tree plants has been with us for ten years as a part of our compensation for the carbon footprint caused by our operations. Even though the year 2020 has been different in many ways, we feel highly motivated to keep helping nature. We feel accountable for doing our part in creating a carbon-neutral world ”, says Aslak de Silva, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

A warm thank you to everyone who stayed with us this year, and we hope to see you next year again!


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