James Hewitt & Mika Poutala Progress to the Speaker Sourcing Contest Final Round

The second Speaker Sourcing Contest qualifying round was held today Monday 4 June in Stockholm at Coor Konferens.

Out of the 170+ applicants for the contest, 8 individuals were chosen to present at the qualifier. Their topics covered the themes of Artificial Intelligence, Peak Performance, and Strategy. Two audience favorites with the highest average scores (on a scale of 1-6) were selected to continue to the final in Stockholm on August 15th.

These contestants were James Hewitt and Mika Poutala.

Congratulations to these two and congratulations to all the contestants for their outstanding presentations and a thoroughly enjoyable evening event. Hewitt and Poutala will continue to the final in Stockholm together with Tobias Dahlberg and Petri Rajaniemi, who won the Helsinki qualifying round.

There is still one more qualifier coming up tomorrow in Oslo (June 5th). The qualifier will be live-streamed on our website and Facebook page, so make sure to tune in to watch the rest of the competition unfold.

(And if you want to attend the Oslo qualifier or the final in August in Stockholm in person, sign up here!)