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Changes in the NBForum’s Board of Directors

Ari-Pekka Salovaara and Susanne Najafi to join the Nordic Business Forum’s board of directors. With the new board members, Nordic Business Forum aims to level up the experience with mergers and acquisitions and internationalization.

Nordic Business Forum’s general annual meeting decided on Friday last week on some exciting updates on our board of directors. Ari-Pekka Salovaara and Susanne Najafi will be joining the board as new members.

Ari-Pekka Salovaara is an angel investor and the managing director of Visma Solutions Oy, which provides cloud-based financial systems to over 100 000+ companies in Europe. Salovaara has done 10+ direct/indirect angel investments including Paytrail, MariaDB, DealDash and MOI mobile operator, and he is a board member at Miradore Oy, Surveypal Oy, and Movenium Oy.

Susanne Najafi is a serial tech entrepreneur, investor, and founding partner of Venture Capital firm BackingMinds. She has also founded Eleven, one of Nordics largest e-commerce companies within beauty care, of which she also was the CEO.

The new chairman of the board will be Nordic Business Forum’s co-founder and previous CEO Hans-Peter Siefen, while the previous chairman Petteri Kilpinen still continues as a member of the board.

Alf Rehn and Jyri Lindén will be continuing their important work as the members of the board of directors together with Hans-Peter Siefen, Petteri Kilpinen, Ari-Pekka Salovaara, and Susanne Najafi.

Hans-Peter Siefen, new Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder: “One of the best decisions of our time with Nordic Business Forum has been to put together an external board of directors. It has raised the professionalism and level of everything in our company. We have been very fortunate to have wonderful people on our board.”

While Nordic Business Forum welcomes the new members to the board, the company wants to thank Jessica Jackley and Mikko Hyppönen for their work for the board over the past years.