Nordic Business Forum Expands to the Netherlands

We are proud to announce to have acquired the majority of shares of DenkProducties, a leadership seminar organizer in the Netherlands. By joining forces, we aim to increase our international presence and contribute to the development of DenkProducties.

The first plan to join forces was drafted already back in 2018 but it was temporarily put on hold at the beginning of the pandemic. However, the founders of both companies believed in the potential and decided to take a step forward.

Today, on 9 April 2021, Nordic Business Forum acquired the majority of shares of DenkProducties. As a part of the transaction, the founder and CEO of DenkProducties, Hans Janssen, also became an owner at Nordic Business Forum Group.

DenkProducties’ seminar portfolio consists of on average ten different seminars annually on leadership, influence, and personal productivity. In the Netherlands, the company is known for the success of its MBA in one day with Ben Tiggelaar (22 thousand visitors in 16 years). DenkProducties has also hosted larger events for thousands of participants with President Barack Obama (2018) and Simon Sinek (2019) as the headliners. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company launched a series of new innovative concepts from digital masterclasses to business online escape rooms.

While continuing to develop their existing portfolios, Nordic Business Forum and DenkProducties will start building one of the leading annual business seminars in the world to Amsterdam. The first joint edition of the Amsterdam Business Forum will be held on the last week of September 2022.

“We’re super excited to get started with this collaboration, which we have been speaking about and planning on with Hans for a few years already. While Nordic Business Forum can bring in a lot, there is also a significant deal of things in Hans’s and DenkProducties’ experience, which will help Oslo Business Forum and Nordic Business Forum grow on their markets”, says Hans-Peter Siefen, the co-founder of Nordic Business Forum.

“Nordic Business Forum is one of the best conferences I ever attended. DenkProducties also hosts some large leadership events, but NBForum is truly next level. Not only in speaker quality but also in customer experience. By joining forces, one of the greatest opportunities is to bring a Nordic Business Forum-style event to Amsterdam – and of course, to learn from the great teams in Finland and Norway”, continues Hans Janssen, the founder of DenkProducties.

“We all have diverse expertise, and combining all of that will make each of us stronger. As a connected group, we are able to utilize expertise from our international team and serve business leaders in multiple ways now and in the future”, adds Aslak de Silva, CEO of Nordic Business Forum.

About Nordic Business Forum Group: Nordic Business Forum Group consists of Nordic Business Forum Oy, Nordic Business Forum AB, 30% ownership of Oslo Business Forum AS, and now majority ownership of DenkProducties B.V.. The group focuses on creating events to provide inspiration, knowledge, and networks for business leaders around the world.

About DenkProducties: DenkProducties is a leading leadership seminar organizer in the Netherlands focusing especially on the topics of leadership, influence, and personal development. Every year, the company offers insights and inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, and other business enthusiasts.



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