Digi Leader 2016 Revealed – Congratulations Harri Nummela

Fujitsu Finland and Nordic Business Forum have organised the first Digi Leader of the Year award to recognise the efforts being made in the digital sphere by people and companies across Finland. The winner is Harri Nummela from OP Financial Group.

Harri Nummela has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in finance and at the OP Financial Group since 1992. As a leader, he has always placed particular focus on the customer experience, which he considers a key success factor.

Fujitsu Finland is one of the main partners at this year’s Nordic Business Forum. Fujitsu is committed to working more closely with its customers to jointly create a better end-to-end customer experience, connecting ideas and technology in a digital world.

Fujitsu and Nordic Business Forum also conducted a Digi Survey to establish the state of digitalization in the Finnish organizations and the business world. See survey results here: https://www.digigallup.fi/?lang=en

Asking Simo Leisti, the CEO of Fujitsu Finland, about what was impressive about this year’s winner, he first pointed out that “this was a selection voted for by business community, which makes it all the more significant. It recognises the impressive level of investment by OP Group into digitalisation and improvements in this area, as well as for their good innovation and high levels of investment in general.”

The OP Group has announced investments of €300-400 million annually and around €2 billion worth of development over the next 5 years.


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