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While Nordic Business Forum 2022 provided plenty of tools and a powerful kick-start for future success, maximizing the long-term benefits of the event is in your own hands.

Approximately four weeks ago, Nordic Business Forum 2022 took place in Helsinki. The atmosphere was outright electrifying as 7000 participants jumped for the joy of being able to get together, exchange ideas, learn more, establish new networks and – at the very least – just to be there.

The presentations received enormous attention. The discussions and debates filled the atmosphere. After two extremely efficient and educating days, people left, inspired by new ideas, vowing to put everything they learned to good use, and full of determination to steer their organizations to the fast track towards great success.

Priit Liiv, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum, confirms that after the event, the feedback has been both rich and encouraging.


Priit Liiv, the CEO of Nordic Business Forum.


– Our sales team has received plenty of positive comments, and the discussion in social media has been active. Both the content and arrangements were enjoyed tremendously and the sheer ability to attend a physical event has clearly been something everyone has been waiting for a long time.

Speaking of enjoying the content, Priit Liiv mentions that on a rating from 1 to 6, four of the speakers received a rating above five. There was a lot of topics the audience felt they could easily resonate with, and a lot of inspirational storytelling based on real experiences. That kind of content was welcomed as it also provides support when times get tough on personal level.

The time between this NBF and the next one is the time to make the investment count

That was four weeks ago. Hands to the hearts, participants: how did it all go down as you returned to work the next day? And, perhaps even more importantly: what is the situation at the moment?

The thing is, momentum can work miracles, but it is not a perpetual motion machine. The history already has too many examples of situations where a superb start has soon slowed down and even stopped when everyone has been counting on eternal progress.

Priit Liiv says that this has, unfortunately, been recognized also when it comes to Nordic Business Forum.

– Over the years, we have learned to recognize that a significant part of those attending the Nordic Business Forum stays inspired only for a couple of days and then simply lets the fire go out. To help the participants make more out of their investment, we keep developing new opportunities to utilize the post-event content in a versatile way, so that the entire organization would have opportunities to benefit.

A comprehensive summary of the event is available, as well as recordings of studio interviews with speakers and other guests on Youtube, out of which everyone can conveniently tailor a package that best fits the needs of any specific team or organization.

The ingredients to keep that fire burning are at everyone’s disposal, but at the end of the day no one but the participants themselves can make them work for the benefit of their organizations. Even the best tools can show their true value only when they are actively and continuously used – providing the best return to the investment and maintaining that momentum that the event managed to create.

The moment to build continuous momentum

Now that many organizations have gotten their initial boost of energy to their operations, this just might be an ideal opportunity to start building long-term flywheel momentum. As Jim Collins mentioned in an exclusive interview for Nordic Business Report, breakthrough momentum flows from a series of good decisions, supremely well-executed, that accumulate one upon another over a long period of time.

According to Collins, every company should right now concentrate on getting their flywheel right and embrace it at full force. So, instead of letting the good start go to waste, now is the time to add fuel to the fire and put more speed on that flywheel.

The good news also is – the next pit stop is right ahead: another Nordic Business Forum takes place in Helsinki on 27-28 September 2023. The setting will be at least as wide and versatile as it was this year – and, based on the initial interest and early bird ticket sales, the participation will be at least as enthusiastic.

Priit Liiv says that while one of Nordic Business Forum’s priorities is to ensure that the contents of the event can be utilized thoroughly and in the long run, the event itself follows the principle of continuous development as well.

– We have committed to further improve our offering so the time between the events is by no means the time to relax. On the contrary, the time just after an event is perhaps the busiest as we dig deep into the recent experiences and learnings to see what worked the best and where there is room for improvement. As times and situations evolve, we turn that into internal motivation to continuously renew ourselves as well.

This just might be a perfect moment to ensure that your flywheel gets an additional boost of energy on annual basis. Get your tickets to Nordic Business Forum 2023 and keep that momentum going!


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