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Camilla Tuominen: Emotion Leadership – Do You Know How to Lead Emotions?

Camilla Tuominen talked about “’Emotion Leadership – Do You Know How to Lead Emotions?” at the Speaker Contest Helsinki qualifier on 14 March 2019.

Key messages:

  • Too many corporations aren’t actively leading emotions.
  • We need to think of understanding emotions like any other skill we want to learn. It’s about getting curious and starting from ABC.
  • People often shy away from learning about emotion leadership because it’s strange, intangible, and irrational compared to data sets and hard skills.
  • If you decide that you want to learn to be an emotionally intelligent leader, you will become one.
  • Ideally, leaders should lead and make decisions based on information gathered from both facts and emotion channels – they’re not mutually exclusive concepts.
  • In the future, we must become better, emotionally intelligent leaders. Technology and AI are superior in data processing, we humans are better in many non- linear processes, such as reading weak signals, reading social cues and emotional intelligence.

The bottom line? One of the core skills of the future is our ability to understood and lead invisible and intangible powers that are not linear or understood only by reason. Things like creativity, wisdom, intuition, flow, and, of course, emotions.

About Camilla Tuominen

Camilla Tuominen is a Finnish non-fiction writer, emotional trainer, illustrator and CEO of Emotion Tracker.

By trade, Camilla is an economist who specializes in customer relationship management. She has worked as a management consultant and a project manager for the marketing office.

Her career changed when she started to focus on helping leaders tap into their emotions to manage organizations more successfully – this is where the Emotion Tracker came in. The “Digital Diary” published in 2012 allows people to develop emotional intelligence. The development of the application has been supported by several organizations around Finland, giving Camilla increasing notoriety in the field of emotional leadership training. The first users of the application were Aalto University and the Student Health Care Foundation (FSHS). In 2015, the company had six investors, some of whom worked for the company.

Her speech focused on the emotional intelligence of leaders, addressing a number of questions and issues that most leaders face when assessing whether they have the skills to lead with emotion.

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