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It’s time for the highlight of the Business Forum Group Speaker Contest: the final! 6 contestants have been voted to compete in the final round of the contest. At this final round, we will select the winner who will then step on stage at three of our events in September 2022.

The final will be live-streamed for free on the 31st of May from 18:00 to 20:00 (EEST), and you can join the online audience on the Speaker Contest website. Also, you can connect with others on the LinkedIn event of the final.

The finalists are:

🔸 Suvi Auvinen – I Don’t Care about Your Sustainability Report
🔸 Duncan Wardle – Embedding a Culture of Innovation into everyone’s DNA
🔸 Ville Houttu – Why Making Every Employee CEO For A Day Is Essential For Your Business
🔸 Mark Tigchelaar – How to Thrive in the Age of Distractions
🔸 Elin Hauge – Digital Is Not (Necessarily) Sustainable
🔸 Unni Turrettini – How to Cultivate a Culture of Belonging to Attract and Retain Talent, Reduce Sick Leave

You can read more about the finalists on our blog.

Why Should You Watch the Final?

Firstly, as a live viewer, you will have a say in who wins. By joining the live stream of the final, you can vote for your favorite speaker. Along with our jury, the audience will help to decide who wins the contest.

Additionally, the 6 finalists are all insipiring business speakers. By listening to them, you can discover new business ideas, concepts, and tools.

What’s at stake at this point?

After receiving 301 applications, we selected the 30 people who continued to the semifinals. At the semifinals, 6 speakers were voted to continue to the final.

The winner of the entire contest steps on stage at our events in Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam next September and receives a speaking fee of 70,000€.

The theme of our 2022 events is Future-Focused Leadership, and the contestants will share their ideas on Future of Work, Culture, and Sustainability.

Join the Speaker Contest Final to get new ideas on these topics—and of course to vote for your favorite!

Watch the Speaker Contest Final


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