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Meet the Finalists of the 2022 Speaker Contest

6 contestants have now been voted to continue their way to the 2022 Speaker Contest final. Congratulations Duncan Wardle, Elin Hauge, Mark Tigchelaar, Suvi Auvinen, Unni Turrettini, and Ville Houttu!

Business Forum Group is on the lookout for an aspiring business speaker who would wow the crowds at Helsinki, Oslo, and Amsterdam in September this year. Altogether 301 applications came in and 30 contestants competed in the semifinal rounds. Now, 6 speakers have been confirmed to join the final held in Helsinki on the 31st of May.

We are thrilled to present to you our finalists:

Duncan Wardle

Duncan was the Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney for over 25 years. Currently, he helps organizations and leaders to create innovative solutions through his keynotes and masterclasses.

​​In the final, we’ll get to hear Duncan dive deeper into the topic of organizational culture with his keynote Embedding a Culture of Innovation into everyone’s DNA.

Elin Hauge

Elin is an AI and Business Strategist, Startup Mentor, and Board Director. Recently however, she has turned her focus on sustainability as she saw that the strong focus and growth on the technological front is also taking a toll on our environment.

Therefore, in the final, Elin will share her insights on sustainability with her keynote Digital Is Not (Necessarily) Sustainable.

Mark Tigchelaar

Mark is an entrepreneur, focus expert, and bestselling author. He is passionate about focus, productivity, and the optimization of the possibilities of our brain.

In the final, we’ll learn Mark’s tips and tricks on the future of work as he shares his keynote How to Thrive in the Age of Distractions.

Suvi Auvinen

Suvi is a “change-maker” at a Finnish communications agency, Ellun Kanat. Suvi says she is most interested in solving the climate crisis and decreasing suffering in the world.

In the final, Suvi will give a keynote on the topic of sustainability titled I Don’t Care about Your Sustainability Report.

Unni Turrettini

Unni is a facilitator, and loneliness & connection expert, who aims to help organizations optimize productivity by dramatically increasing relational energy.

That’s why, in the final, Unni will tap into the topic of organizational culture with her keynote How to Cultivate a Culture of Belonging to Attract and Retain Talent, Reduce Sick Leave – And Solve the Loneliness Epidemic.

Ville Houttu

Ville is the CEO and founder of the U.S. subsidiary of the software company Vincit. He is passionate about creating lean working environments and scaling operations without creating policies.

In the final, we’ll hear Ville’s keynote Why Making Every Employee CEO For A Day Is Essential For Your Business.

In Helsinki, on the 31st of May, our jury and audience will vote for the winner among these six finalists. ​​The winner of the entire contest gets to give a keynote to thousands of business leaders at Nordic Business Forum 2022, Oslo Business Forum 2022, and Amsterdam Business Forum 2022 and is paid 70,000€ for doing the job.

The final will be live-streamed for free and you can join us through this LinkedIn event or on our website.


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