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Leader’s Digest | October 2022

In this edition of the Leader’s Digest newsletter, we explore the different levels of innovation from the perspectives of various experts.

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🚀 Blog: Are you practicing innovation on all levels? Which levels of innovation are most relevant to you and your business at the moment? Master the 4 Levels of Innovation with the help of various experts.

🧠 Video: What if instead of saying “no, because” you started to say “yes, and”? In his interview at Nordic Business Forum 2022, Duncan Wardle gave a practical tool to help innovation and creativity, both in organizations and your everyday life.

💡 Article: How to keep those idea engines running after Nordic Business Forum 2022? Check the recent tips by Nordic Business Report!

Opportunity to Step Up

— Webinar on Employee Engagement

How can you put focus on people—the most important asset of your organization? And what do you need to know to manage your workforce in the challenges of tomorrow?

That’s what we intend to find out in our next free webinar with HR analyst and author, Josh Bersin. Join us on the 3rd of November at 16:30 (UTC+2) to find the path toward successful employee engagement. During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How can you create proper employee engagement?
  • How can you stay proactive and ahead of changes?
  • What are the leading HR trends for 2023?

Register for free to join us live or to get the recording!

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Our Recommended Source for New Ideas

— A Ted Talk about the 4-day Workweek

In addition to rethinking how and where we work, lately, there have also been discussions questioning when and how much we work. You might have heard of the 4-day workweek, but what are the benefits? And would it really be possible?

In this TED talk, economist Juliet Schor, explains how recent 4-day workweek trials in different countries have actually brought up numerous advantages not only for employees but organizations alike. Additionally, even though she acknowledges that this is most likely not possible for all industries or all organizations, moving into a 4-day workweek might be extremely beneficial for many.

Watch the Ted Talk

Stop and Think

“When a moment scares you, when it pushes you out of your comfort zone, when it forces you to innovate in a way that you never would’ve done before, those are the pivotal moments that change our businesses and our lives.” – Randi Zuckerberg

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