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Selina Juul | Taking the Waste World by Storm

To continue our 2017 Speaker Spotlight series, we welcome our newest main stage addition, Selina Juul!

Speaker Spotlight

At just 37 years old, Russian-born Danish activist Selina Juul has changed the way Denmark thinks about food waste. Hailing from a country and time when food was a scarce resource, Juul has made it her purpose to advocate for sustainability in food consumption. Today, she is influencing the public, enterprises, and political leaders to fight the growing food waste trend.

Juul is the founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement, Denmark’s largest non-profit consumer movement against food waste. Her relentless efforts to reduce food waste has seen her speak at multiple conferences, and publish a cookbook that promotes the use of food that would otherwise be wasted. Juul has attracted international media coverage and has been named this year’s Most Responsible Business Leader in northern Europe, according to Nordic Business Report.

She responded: “I am truly humbled and honored to be on the list of Nordic Business Report’s Top 20 Responsible Leaders in Northern Europe – and being among such inspirational and strong leaders. It is also a great acknowledgment to the Stop Wasting Food movement, which I started nine years ago and which has grown to a movement of international proportions. Global food losses and food waste can feed every starving child, woman, and man on this planet three times over – and it is humanity’s utmost important task to end the waste of food.

I am also very excited and humbled to speak at the Nordic Business Forum world congress in Helsinki with the audience of 7,500 people, among speakers such as Richard Quest from CNN, Will Smith, and Sir Richard Branson. It is an amazing opportunity for our movement – Stop Wasting Food – to reach out to such influential personalities and global influencers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Stop Wasting Food

Set up by consumers for consumers, Stop Wasting Food is an NGO that has constructively shaped public opinion in its drive to prevent food waste. It seeks to increase public awareness of the throwaway society by organizing campaigns, mobilizing the press and media, and encouraging discussion, debate, and other events, all with the aim of decreasing the current mountains of food waste.

Stop Wasting Food is empowering consumers to take proactive action to reduce household food waste. This includes activities such as cooking leftovers, shopping more wisely and distributing surplus food to homeless shelters.

Juul earned first place on the Nordic Business Report’s 2017 ranking for her efforts to reduce food waste in Denmark where, according to estimates by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, food waste has reduced by 25% in 5 years.

Watch the video below to learn more about Selina Juul’s inspiration to create the Stop Wasting Food movement:

Video courtesy of TEDxCopenhagen.

We’re excited to learn more from Selina Juul at NBForum 2017! We’re already sold out, but if you’d like to hear Juul and other leaders discuss this year’s themes of purpose, responsibility, and leadership, be sure to grab your Live Stream license today. Follow us on Facebook (@NBForumHQ) and Twitter (@NBForumHQ and #NBForum2017) to keep up with our speaker announcements as we get closer to the event!


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