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Get ready to…Network Like a Pro!

When it comes to professional networking at Nordic Business Forum, there’s one sure-fire way to meet likeminded people: Brella. Yes, you read that right. Brella is the solution that you’ve been looking for to make networking with other seminar guests quick and easy.

We only have three weeks to go before NBForum 2017, so there’s no time like the present to start getting ready. To make the most of your experience during the two-day event, we recommend that you come prepared with a top-notch digital business card — and that’s where Brella comes in. Use the mobile and/or desktop platforms to arrange 15-minute meetings based on your common interests with other attendees. NBForum 2017 will be a melting pot of talented individuals, so don’t lose out on this chance to form new business relationships!

You could win a dinner with Nick Vujicic…

We have an outstanding prize for Brella users this year: dinner with Nick Vujicic! Three enthusiastic networkers who have had the most Brella meetings by Tuesday (October 3rd) afternoon will get to meet the inspirational NBForum 2017 speaker. This is an opportunity that you can’t put a price on; beyond new connections and business ideas, a few guests will also walk away with an unforgettable dining experience.

Step 1: Download Brella

We know what you’re thinking — where do I sign up? Well, you should start by downloading the app. Brella is available for iOS and Android devices, or can be accessed through their desktop site. After downloading the app, simply join the NBForum 2017 event by entering the code nbf17.

Step 2: Create a profile

Next, you need to set up your profile. It only takes a couple of minutes! Choose from connecting with your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn profiles, or create an account using your email address. Keep in mind that signing in with a social account will collect information that you have entered on it, so make sure you choose one with a sharp profile picture! When your account is up and running, you will be asked to fill in what you can offer in a meeting, and what you are looking for in other people.

Step 3: Book your first meeting (of many!)

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, Brella will work its magic. You will be taken to a page full of people — but this isn’t a regular list. These are people who are offering what you are looking for, or seeking what you are offering; it’s a curated list of all NBForum 2017 attendees, handpicked just for you. Browse through the list, check out what’s on the table, and get to requesting meetings! Remember that personalized messages are more likely to get a positive response. If the meeting is confirmed, Brella’s scheduling system will assign your meeting a time and location in the designated Brella area. The first 10 confirmed meetings for each time slot will take place in Smartblocks, which have everything you need to make your meeting comfortable, fun and efficient! And one lucky meeting per time slot will take place in a Mercedes-Benz parked nearby.

Step 4: Keep Networking

In addition to Brella, we host a series of topical discussion tables, which are arranged in our Meeting Hub. Theme Tables allow for more spontaneous networking opportunities with people interested in the same topics as you.

When you arrive at Messukeskus, take a walk around the Meeting Hub to see the roughly 20 Theme Tables that we have set up. Topics range from Artificial Intelligence to Strategy, and everything in between. If any of these topics interest you (and let’s be honest, there has to be at least one), then we encourage you to visit the table during session breaks. There will be people to meet, discussions to be had, and problems to solve. Never has a coffee break been so productive!

Ready? Set? Network!

(Psst… And if you want to be really prepared, have a few of these 15 tips for effective networking up your sleeve!)


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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

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Blog Nordic Business Forum 2017 Past Events

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