Here you can find the most commonly asked questions. Our customer service is also happy to help you at, +358 20 775 1390 / +46 8 559 222 21 / +47 922 92 228.

Q: Can I choose the currency for the invoice?
A: No, the invoice will be sent in Norwegian crowns.

Q: Why is the VAT 25%?
A: As the event is held in Norway, the taxation in Norway will be applied. The VAT in Norway is 25%.

Q: What is a KID number?
A: A KID number is used for billing in Norway. It identifies a customer and an invoice, regardless of who pays the bill. It can be from 2 and up to 25 digits in length. Banks in Norway keep a record of a KID number for each registered transaction so companies to keep track of their payments

Q: How do I get a KID number?
A: One will be generated for you within our billing system, automatically created by Procountor.

Q: How do I use the KID number?
A: A KID number associated with a purchase will be used by the person responsible for paying the invoice. Enter the KID number from your invoice into your invoicing system and it should automatically identify your exact order so you can pay it.

Q: I don’t have a KID number on my invoice. What do I do?
A: For customers who do not require a KID number, the invoice number can be used instead.

Q: I’m making a purchase as an individual, separate from my company. Do I need to have a KID number?
A: No. KID numbers are only used by Norwegian companies in their invoicing process to keep track of transactions. Individuals making purchases do not need to worry about a KID number.

Q: What payment methods do you offer?
A: You can choose between printed invoice and email invoice. Please provide us always with the correct invoicing information. For Russian customers, we also offer Russian invoice in rubles and with the needed documents. Credit card payment methods are coming up soon.

Q: How do you deliver tickets?
A: The tickets will be delivered to you by email as a PDF attachment.

Q: Where do I need the ticket?
A: You need to show the ticket at the event’s check-in desk when you collect your seminar pass.

Q: Do I need to know who will use the ticket at the time of purchase?
A: No. The tickets are not personal, nor do we print the attendee names on the tickets. When purchasing the ticket, the ticket is automatically allocated to the purchaser. We will send the purchaser a link through which they can change the attendee information.

Q: Do I need to inform who is using the ticket before the event?
A: Yes, the name and contact information of each attendee are to be sent 14 days before the event at the latest. You can do it through the ticket link we have sent to your email.

Q: Can I cancel my ticket?
A: You can cancel the ticket within 30 days from the day the order has been placed. Always contact us at if you would like to cancel your ticket. Only written cancellations are accepted. Please note that an invoice left unpaid is not considered as a cancellation. If your order was placed more than 30 days ago, the tickets cannot be cancelled anymore.

Q: What catering is included in the price of my ticket?
A: All the tickets include lunch and break snacks and beverages. VIP tickets also include cocktails in the evening.

Q: I have a special diet, who should I contact?
A: Please let us know about your special diets through the attendee dashboard. All special diets should be informed 3 weeks prior to the event.