Nordic Business Forum 2013

Nordic Business Forum 2013 gathered over 3,300 guests under one roof. The seminar was sold out already by the end of February 2012, 7 months prior to the actual event date.

The main theme of Nordic Business Forum 2013 was Leadership. Sub-topics included self-leadership, sales leadership, and innovation leadership.

Compilation Video of the Event

To get a feeling of the event, please check out this video clip.

Seats: 3319 / 3319

Date: 26.09.2013 - 27.09.2013


Malcolm Gladwell
Vijay Govindarajan
Lynda Gratton
Suzy Welch
Jimmy Wales
Henkka Hyppönen
Alf Rehn
Petri Parvinen
Tom Peters
Alexander Stubb
Jari Sarasvuo
Jack Welch