Business Summit 2014

Business Summit was organized already a fourth time in a row on June 3rd 2014. This time the event concentrated on the Power of Stories and offered the 300 attendees with ideas on how to build up a great corporate story and how stories can be used as a tool for marketing and leadership.

Ken Segall, the Apple Ad guy took his audience with stories on Steve Jobs, Apple and simplicity. Juhana Torkki shared the keys to great corporate stories, whereas, Henkka Hyppönen talked about the different types of stories and challenged people to express their stories in one sentence.

Compilation Video of the Event

To get a feeling of the event, please check out this video clip.

Seats: 300

Date: 03.06.2014


Ken Segall
Juhana Torkki
Henkka Hyppönen