Nordic Business Forum 2011

The International Congress and Trade Fair Center of Jyväskylä 30.9.-1.10.2011

Nordic Business Forum 2011 concentrated on responsibility. The main topic was Strength from Responsible Choices and all the 1800 seats were sold out! The main speaker was the former Vice President of U.S. Al Gore.

Seats: 1800 / (1800)

Date: 30.09.2011


Alf Rehn
Esko Aho
Hans-Peter Siefen
Eija-Riitta Korhola
Pekka Himanen
Al Gore
Mauri Pekkarinen
Harri Kerminen
Bruce Oreck
Sauli Niinistö
Jari Sarasvuo
Anssi Vanjoki
Les Brown