Des Traynor

Co-Founder of Intercom

The new role of marketing in a subscription first world

Des is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Intercom, a company on a mission to make internet business personal. Des launched Intercom in 2011 as the first to bring messaging for sales, marketing, and customer service to one platform – helping companies of all sizes grow faster by building personal relationships with customers.

Before Intercom, Des was co-founder of Exceptional (now a part of Rackspace), the first error tracking company. Before Exceptional, he was a UX designer for web apps. He’s based in Dublin.

Des will be speaking at NBFSweden about the new techniques that modern day marketers will need to prepare for the next phase of customer relationships. The old world of marketing is one replete with hacks, tips, tricks, and techniques all designed to get a user to convert. However, in today’s economy, all revenue is moving towards subscriptions, which begs the question ‘What is a conversion today?’ After all, we don’t buy software these days, we subscribe to it. Looking through consumer products the trend is increasing, we subscribe to music, movies, fitness, dinner kits, make-up, razor blades, dog treats. Brands everywhere are fighting for customer monogamy, and in this world it’s no longer enough to obsess over conversions, marketing needs look much deeper into the funnel, moving customers from ‘signed up’ to ‘satisfied’.

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