27 September 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Jos de Blok

Founder and CEO of Buurtzorg

Jos de Blok is the founder and CEO of Buurtzorg (neighborhood nursing), a Dutch organization with more than 15,000 employees, offering community based (home) care services to more than 80,000 patients a year. Founded in 2006 with a team of four nurses, Buurtzorg has transformed home-based healthcare and has created an innovave method for nursing care at home. Before establishing Buurtzorg, Jos had several senior management positions in home care organizations including Director Innovations for medical services.

How to Create a Striving Organization without Administrative Burden

Jos de Blok at NBF 2023

Join Jos in an engaging session as he shares his insights and experiences on creating a thriving innovative organization without the burden of excessive administrative processes and bureaucracy.

  • How to create success through empowering self-managed teams
  • How to streamline administrative processes through practical strategies 
  • How to foster a Culture of Trust and Innovation

Why Should You Listen to Him?

Innovative Leader

Jos is a nurse by education and considered a change agent in the Netherlands when it comes to the organization of community-based (home) care. 

Founder of Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg is a pioneer of healthcare and client satisfaction. The company operates with a nurse-led model of holistic care that has revolutionised community care in the Netherlands.

Get to Know Jos de Blok

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