28 September 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Mo Gawdat

Serial Entrepreneur, Former Chief Business Officer of Google X, Chief AI Officer of Flight Story

Mo is the former Chief Business Officer of Google [X] (‘the moonshot factory’), the current Chief AI Officer of Flight Story, and the author of bestseller Scary Smart, one of the earliest books written on the dangers of unregulated AI and how we can fight back. It was named one of the Times & Sunday Times best business books of 2021.

After working for IBM and Microsoft, Mo landed a job at Google and helped start the platform in more than 50 emerging markets across the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. He then joined Google [X] as chief business officer and lived at the cutting edge of technology.

Google [X] is Google’s semi-secret innovation arm where Mo led the business strategy, planning, sales, business development and partnerships. [X] does not attempt to achieve incremental improvements in the way the world works, but instead, it tries to develop new technologies that will reinvent the way things are and deliver a radical, ten fold—10X—improvement.

AI Today, Tomorrow and How You Can Save Our World

A keynote by Mo Gawdat

In this talk, Mo Gawdat openly discusses the current rate of advancement of AI and the expected technological innovation that will follow. Providing a 30-year tech insider’s overview of the state of this technology, present and future, Mo goes on to address the pressing ethical questions this impending science fiction-like reality will bring.
  • Where AI might be heading as a technology
  • Ethical questions to consider as a business leader
  • What is the role each of us and our businesses have to play to ensure that AI will be a driver for positive change

Why Should You Listen to Him?

Serial Entrepreneur

Mo has cofounded more than 20 businesses. He served as a board member in several technology, health and fitness, and consumer goods companies as well as several government technology and innovation boards in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He mentors tens of start-ups at any point in time.

Acknowledged AI Expert

Mo Gawdat is a prominent figure in AI, focusing on its impact in business and personal growth. He’s known for discussing AI ethics, benefits, and risks. His insights cover areas like machine learning, robotics, and more. Notably, his appearance on the podcast episode “The Diary of a CEO” garnered more than 6 million views on YouTube.

Solved the Happiness Formula

In his book “Solve for Happy”, Mo Gawdat provides readers with a blueprint for shifting their mindset and embracing happiness through a thoughtful, structured, and analytical approach. The book aims to empower individuals to engineer their paths to joy by understanding the mechanics of their own emotions and thoughts.

Get to Know Mo Gawdat

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