27 September 2023 - Helsinki, Finland

Maryna Saprykina

CEO, Founder, Winner of Speaker Contest 2023

Maryna Saprykina is the CEO of CSR Ukraine, the Founder of Ukrainian Women’s Entrepreneurs Hub, and the Winner of the Speaker Contest 2023. 

Having worked in sustainability for 13 years, Maryna has impressive experience in finding the best sustainability solutions for companies. Maryna is also a board member of the SOS Children’s Village Ukraine and the founder of the Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs Hub, a community for developing female-owned businesses with social impact. 

Due to the war in Ukraine, Maryna has witnessed firsthand the resilience of Ukrainian businesses in times of war. This is also what inspired her winning speech, “Sustainability at Times of War,” in which she introduced a 5-component model of sustainability that companies have used to survive during the difficult times. 

Ukrainian Grit: Empowering Global Business with Extreme Resilience

A keynote by Maryna Saprykina

Maryna shares the resilient  journey of Ukrainian companies amidst the upheaval of the biggest European conflict since World War II. Discover how Ukrainian grit has redefined business resilience and learn how it can empower businesses all around the world. This inspirational story promises to redefine the way you approach business challenges.
  • Learn from the challenges and survival stories of Ukrainian companies to increase business resilience
  • Uncover how their wartime  sustainability strategies fuel extreme business resilience
  • Propel your own business with the same courage that powered journey of Ukrainian companies to recovery and transformation

Why Should You Listen to Her?

Sustainability Expert

Maryna is a passionate expert on sustainability. She has helped companies all over the world to create sustainability strategies, projects, and reports for over 13 years, and is currently the CEO of CSR Ukraine, a centre of development for corporate social responsibility.

Advocate for Women’s Entrepreneurship

As the founder of Ukrainian Women Entrepreneurs Hub, she is a strong advocate for more women in business. The goal of UWE is to help women to take their business to the next level, and help aspiring female entrepreneurs to start their business.

Winner of Speaker Contest 2023

Out of over 200 applicants and 24 semifinalists, Maryna won the contest with her speech “Sustainability at Times of War.” The jury was especially impressed with the powerful stories from Ukrainian companies survival during the war.

Get to Know Maryna Saprykina

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