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Antesa Jensen: Innovation is the Opposite of Knowledge

Antesa Jensen talked about “Innovation is the Opposite of Knowledge” at the Speaker Contest Oslo qualifier on 12 March 2019.

Key messages:

  • Everything we think we know is getting in the way of our innate human capacity to innovate.
  • We have much to learn from indigenous cultures about fostering growth and personal power in business, and integrating this wisdom is essential to our survival.
  • Businesses are unknowingly dehumanizing their most valuable asset by attempting to hack growth rather than foster it.
  • Create a ripple effect in your organization instead of a top-down or bottom-up approach to innovation, transformation, and change.
  • Impact, Resilience, Presence, Curiosity and Permission all function as free currency, and with an ROI that defies the current structure of the industry as we know it.

The bottom line? Innovation and innocence are siblings, and we need to nurture both.

About Antesa Jensen

Antesa Jensen is an emotional intelligence and human-centric innovation expert, specializing in evoking and cultivating human potential through coaching, speaking, and workshop facilitation. She holds a deep understanding of human behavior, entropy and its impact on innovation, and the essential ingredients required for sustainable and holistic transformation. Her mission is to guide businesses in fundamentally transforming their company cultures to be prepared for the unknown and predictably volatile future of the digital era. After a 12 year career in the financial industry, Antesa founded Adventure Awake, which serves to provide the motivated leaders and influencers she loves to guide with practical tools in uncovering their innate human potential in real-time, through real-life experiences. In her talk, she will share with you why forgetting everything you know and remembering your humanity is the birthplace and bedrock of human-centric innovation.

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