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Mike Steere: The Mental Wellbeing Manifesto

Mike Steere talked about “The Mental Wellbeing Manifesto” at the Speaker Contest Oslo qualifier on 12 March 2019.

Key messages:

  • Mental wellbeing is an unbelievably big and important issue that affects everyone and we need to address it directly and proactively in the workplace.
  • There are many human factors – such as shame, guilt, and our need to conform to our environments – that prevent people from expressing unhealthy mental issues and stress.
  • Lots of great research and case studies already exist. If you need proof to convince your boss to take action, just look around and you’ll find evidence that we can make a difference on this important topic.
  • Companies can take small, simple steps (or make big, sweeping changes) that can promote healthy mental wellbeing environments – but leaders need to take charge.
  • By improving the work environment and supporting individuals, leaders can improve prospects for the individual and they can improve overall wellbeing and performance in their whole organization.

The bottom line? Mental wellbeing isn’t a problem – it is an opportunity.

About Mike Steere

Mike Steere is the managing director in Europe for SaferMe. With the company, he works with Health, Safety & Wellbeing Managers. He has increasingly noticed that their focus is moving towards the wellbeing aspect – because it is a problem that is getting worse. More people are being affected and it is costing their businesses too.

His presentation during Nordic Business Forum’s 2019 Speaker Contest, entitled The Mental Wellbeing Manifesto had four key intentions:

  • Make people fully aware of the scale of the problem
  • Suggest some reasons why it isn’t be solved today – what is hindering progress
  • Highlight the great research and case studies that already exist, which give the evidence that we can make a difference on this important topic
  • Provide an introduction to some of the key measures that leaders can take in their organizations

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