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Leader’s Digest | June

With summer holidays just around the corner (or for some lucky ones, here already) we wanted to provide you with some lighter content in this newsletter. You will find our newest article picks and some inspiring talks on leadership. We are also introducing our new content collaboration!

Have a great holiday, next newsletter will be out in August.

Top Content Picks

📉 While the economic crisis today is still ongoing, there are several indicators that the storm will eventually pass, just as it has before. Read the latest take on the current economic crisis on Nordic Business Report.

🌱 What is biodiversity-respectful leadership? What does it look like in practice? Check out our interview with expert Tiina Onkila to find out!

🎥 For those of you who just cannot stop the urge to keep learning even during the holidays, we compiled the best keynotes about leadership. Watching them in a hammock with a refreshing drink is recommended! 

Introducing our Resident Reader

We are excited to announce our new content collaboration with Duunitori!

Lauri Vaisto from Duunitori will be our Resident Reader. He will read books from this year’s speakers and summarize the key points in Duunitori’s blog. Lauri did this last year as well as his own side project, and the blogs were very popular!

If you want to read the books yourself, here are the 5 we picked for Lauri to read:

Patrick Lencioni – The Six Types of Working Genius
Tim Ferriss – Tools of Titans
Rebecca Henderson – Reimagining Capitalism
Mikko Hyppönen – If It’s Smart It’s Vulnerable
Amy Webb – The Genesis Machine

The articles will be published in August and September to help you prep for the upcoming Nordic Business Forum event. Lauri will reflect on the key points of each book and what they have to offer for leadership.

In the meanwhile, you can read Lauri’s analysis of the books from last year’s speakers. Check out Lauri’s blog on Harari’s Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and stay tuned for the upcoming articles!

Stop and Think

“Good leaders have to just embrace getting uncomfortable. In fact, it is a necessary life skill if you’re going to be innovating a business, pivoting and changing with the times.” Randi Zuckerberg 


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