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5 Inspiring Keynotes About Leadership

The holidays are here! Or will be soon, for most of us. As we get into the holiday mood, we wanted to create some fun, inspiring, and of course, educational content for you.

While we encourage you to relax and switch off to enjoy the summer, we also know there are many who wish to keep learning on their time off. When there’s nothing urgent to do, it may be easier to focus, absorb, and get inspired. And the most effortless way to do so is by watching some great speeches from our past speakers and some of the best Ted talkers!

We gathered 5 inspiring speeches about leadership. Enjoy (preferably in a hammock)!

Simon Sinek – Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe 

Not everyone who is an authority is a leader, Simon points out in this inspiring talk. You may follow their instructions (because you have to), but given the choice, you would not follow them. True leadership requires a sense of trust and cooperation – emotions that cannot be induced by instruction. When people feel safe and protected by their leader, their natural response is to cooperate. But, how to make people feel safe? Watch and find out!

Carla Harris at Nordic Business Forum 2019

Not many now that Carla is also a singer. At the beginning of her career, it wasn’t really something she liked to bring up in meetings. She wanted her professional persona to be strictly about business. But once she saw how a client reacted when finding out she was also a singer, she changed her mind. In this clip, Carla explains the role of authenticity in building trust and relationships. 

Seth Godin – Leadership vs. Management

In this keynote speech, Seth explains the difference between being a leader and being a manager. Why does that matter? Well, according to Seth, “When the world changes, management fails.” Good leaders don’t demand authority but insist on taking responsibility. Watch the video (which is our most popular on YouTube, btw!) to learn more.

Anne Morriss – 5 Steps to Fix Any Problem at Work

Leadership visionary Anne Morriss starts off her speech by defining leadership as “a practice of imperfect humans leading imperfect humans.” She goes on to present a 5-step model that can help you to solve any issue you have involving other people – which is most leadership problems. In this engaging and fun talk, Anne presents us with a great tool for solving problems at work. 

June Sarpong – We Need Leaders Who Boldly Champion Inclusion

Familiarity makes us feel safe, but safety rarely sparks innovation. The best innovations happen when people who think differently get together and bounce ideas. We already know that diversity and inclusion boost creativity and increase profits, but yet, progress on inclusion has been slow. In this speech, June presents examples of successful diversity and inclusion efforts. Will you be the next “rock star” of inclusion?


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