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Think Again and Originals – An Executive Summary with Adam Grant

In an era of relentless change and uncertainty, adapting and innovating have become necessary competencies for leaders. Adam Grant’s bestselling books Think Again and Originals are invaluable guides for individuals and organizations navigating complexity today. In our newest free Executive Summary, we have summarized the key learnings and concepts from Adam’s work.

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With this summary, we look at both Think Again and Originals to offer leaders key insights that will help them question their assumptions, challenge their beliefs, and cultivate their capacity for creativity. In an environment where uncertainty reigns, where old frameworks quickly lose their footing, and where adaptability and innovation are paramount, Adam Grant’s work provides a compass for modern leadership.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the importance of rethinking can drastically improve leadership effectiveness and decision-making.
  • Providing strategies to foster a culture of innovation and creativity within your team and organization.
  • Learning how to encourage open-mindedness and constructive dialogue among team members.

Learn from Adam Grant’s bestsellers and download the Executive Summary!

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