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4 Days Left to NBForum 2023 – 4 Things to Prepare

Only F O U R days left to Nordic Business Forum 2023!

The event is so close we can feel it in the air. First-timers and NBF veterans alike might benefit from some tips on how to prepare for the event days looming just around the corner. Here are 4 things you should prepare for the event!


The best way to prepare for networking is to download our Brella Event App. On Brella, you can find important event information, follow the stories for extra tips and announcements, and network with other event attendees. With an AI-powered matchmaking feature, you’ll find connections interested in similar topics and can invite them to join 15-minute 1:1 meetings at the venue.

We have sent you a unique join code from Brella through email. Remember also to check your spam folder and that you’re using the same email address as when you ordered the tickets! If any issues arise, feel free to contact our customer care.

In addition to Brella, we have gathered 10 Networking Tips, which will hopefully help you make the most of networking at the event!


To enter the event, you will need an Event Badge. You might have gotten this through the mail if you gave us your address details in early August, but if not, you still have two ways to get your badge!

If you wish to avoid queues on the event days, you can go to the Pre-Check-In at Scandic Helsinki Hub on Monday, the 25th, or Tuesday, the 26th of September. The check-in is open from 10:00 to 20:00 on both days. You will need to take a valid ID with you in order to receive your badge. There, you will also be able to enjoy a Pre-Event Afterwork starting at 16:00 on both days, where you can enjoy special NBF drinks and get a 10% discount on food at the Il Centro restaurant. Just show your Event Badge and enjoy a relaxing evening with other NBF attendees!

If you arrive at the venue without a badge—do not worry! Just go through the check-in there, show a valid ID, and enjoy the event. Do note that when entering the main event area, all attendees will be required to go through a security check to ensure all of our safety at the event.


To prepare yourself for the amount of information you’ll receive during the event days, get to know our agenda and speakers a bit more closely beforehand. We also wrote a helpful blog on note-taking, which can help you prepare for the new knowledge and inspiration coming your way. After the event, you can view the recordings of the main sessions from the Brella Event App for 90 days. So no need to worry too much if you miss something. You can always go back to it!

Not only to prepare for the learning, it is helpful to know what you can find at the event and what you might need to consider during it. Go through our event info page for attendees to find out everything important regarding the event—that way, you can simply sit back and relax when Wednesday comes around.


We only have a few tips for you to prepare yourself, which are hopefully simple enough:

Get lots of sleep! The days can be quite intense and draining even for the most versed NBF-goer, so it is important to sleep enough before, during, and after the event.

Come as yourself! Many attendees opt for business-casual attire. However, we do not have an official dress code for attendees. Wear something comfortable and something that looks like you—authenticity is your best quality! And of course, we do recommend comfortable shoes as you might accumulate quite a few steps during the two days.

Take a water bottle! Dehydration is our enemy, and Finnish tap water is our friend. At the venue, we have several re-felling stations where you can top up your bottle with high-quality water from Finland.

No need for snacks—we’ve got you covered! Your ticket includes tailored buffet catering for both days, as well as delicious treats from food trucks and some restaurants at Messukeskus. Just bring yourself and prepare to be swept away on a journey to Finnish cuisine!

We hope you have two fantastic event days and can’t wait to see you there!


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