Nordic Business Forum Oy has a new board of directors

A new board of directors has been chosen for Nordic Business Forum Oy (Ltd.) to support the implementation of its ambitious internationalization strategy.

Nordic Business Forum Oy aims to internationalize strongly in the becoming years. The goal of the company’s main event, the annual Nordic Business Forum seminar, is to grow to be one of the world’s most significant business seminars by 2021.

The new board organized on Friday, January 25th in its first meeting. The new board is a group of people with wide range of competence and ability to spar the company’s activity and to support its internationalization. The following persons were called, and they all agreed, to the board:

– Anne Berner, Chairman of the Board of Vallila Interior
– Petteri Kilpinen, Chairman of the Board of the advertising agency TBWAHelsinki
– Alf Rehn, professor at Åbo Akademi
– Mika Mäkeläinen, CEO of GTW Group Oy and co-founder of the recently listed Siili Solutions Oyj (Plc.)
– Jyri Lindén, Co-founder of Nordic Business Forum Oy and the previous CEO of the company

The new board has not changed the ownership of Nordic Business Forum Oy. The company is still owned by its founders and personnel.


The former Chairman of the board, co-founder Hans-Peter Siefen, operates from now on as the CEO. The former CEO Jyri Lindén continues as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and as a member of the board.

’The growth speed of our company and our main event has been quick during the first four years. The goals from now on are also going to be high, and getting on the new level will require some new-level thinking and business competence. It is just amazing that we have been able to get this kind of board of directors to develop our company and to be the sparrers of our growth’ – CEO Hans-Peter Siefen

’I have followed close the company’s growth with admiration for several years. I am honoured to accept this task. I am very impressed by the owners’ values and the ambitious goal that I can also agree on. I will do my best for the company to achieve the status as one of the world’s most significant business seminars’ – The new Chairman of the board Mika Mäkeläinen. 

More information:
Hans-Peter Siefen, CEO, or +358 20 775 1390


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