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Stella Bida: Make Customer Retention King

Stella Bida talked about “Make Customer Retention King” at the Speaker Contest Oslo qualifier on 12 March 2019.

Key messages:

• B-Ambassador: it’s easier when someone else sells your products and services. That’s why you need to turn both your staff and your clients into your brand ambassador. Make them proud to work and buy from your company. It’s up to your company to decide if people will talk positively or negatively about you.
• B-Experience: client experience is a very important component in business. Renewing it is mandatory to continue being on the point with your client’s behaviors change, that tends to accelerate.
• B-Exclusive: as human, we all want to be part of a community but don’t want to be like everyone. That feeling is true also in business, people love the idea to have access in exclusivity to some of your product and services. Big data has allowed every company to propose exclusive and tailor-made offers to a very specific group of clients.

The bottom line? The BBB Model for A+ Customer Retention needs to be implemented into companies to maximize their profitability with less effort and greater customer experiences.

About Stella Bida
Stella Bida is a Business Consultant & Strategist, mainly working with corporates to help them at managing their organizational and digital change and transformation. Observing how much innovation and disruption affects the current fast-paced world, she believes that it is more than ever important to be attentive to customers’ needs, as they become more volatile and have more choices than ever. As a consequence, she considers that the marketing game has changed. More than ever, the focus should be on retaining customers rather than acquiring them. Retention strategies are key to sustainable growth but are often overlooked.

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