Nordic Business Forum 2017 | OFFICIAL AFTERMOVIE

Experience the thrill and excitement all over again and enjoy our official #NBForum2017 aftermovie! Nordic Business Forum 2017 was held on 2-3 October in Helsinki, Finland, gathering together 7500 CEOs, top executives, and entrepreneurs from over 40 countries. Thank you everyone who participated in making Nordic Business Forum 2017 a magnificent experience! The speaker lineup included: – Will Smith (Actor, musician, producer, and philanthropist) – Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) – Adam Grant (Author and Wharton professor) – Rachel Botsman (Author of “Who Can You Trust?” and Lecturer at Oxford University) – Patrick Lencioni (Author of 8 management books) – James Hansen (Former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies) – Severn Cullis-Suzuki (Environment activist for intergenerational justice) – Nick Vujicic (New York Times bestselling author) – Stéphane Garelli (Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness) – Petteri Taalas (Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization) – Mika Anttonen (Founder and Principal Shareholder of St1) – Boyan Slat (Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup) – Selina Juul (Founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement) – Moderator: Richard Quest (CNN) — Nordic Business Forum 2018 will take place in Helsinki, Finland on 26 – 27 September. Tickets for Nordic Business Forum 2018: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:… —– AFTERMOVIE PRODUCTION: Vita Pictura, WLF Entertainment ( Executive Producer: Tuomas Liisanantti / Nordic Business Forum Director: Georgius Misjura Producer: Serj Rimma Co-Producer: Jarkko Jortikka WLF Entertainment: Sami Niemi, Vesku Matara Interviewer: Vesku Matara Cinematography: Aleksei Kulikov, Jarkko Jortikka, Jussi Paakkinen, Robert Parelo, Tofik Mamedov, Maksim Kazmirevski Sound Recordist: Dmitry Natalevich Post-Production: Vita Pictura Video Editors: Georgius Misjura, Randel Pomber Color Grading: Dmitri Morjakin Sound Design / Sound Editor: Viktor Jazykov Music: Tony Anderson – Eyes Wide Open


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Lessons Learned from Nordic Business Forum 2017

Though the show may have ended two and a half months ago, our team has been working tirelessly to process all the feedback that we received. Nordic Business Forum 2017 operated on an unprecedented scale, in terms of venue size, […]


Nordic Business Forum Acquires a 40.4% Stake at Presidents Institute

Nordic Business Forum has confirmed a new strategic partnership with Presidents Institute Nordic Business Forum acquired 40.4% of the shares in Presidents Institute from its CEO & Founder Christian Engelsen, making it the second largest shareholder in the company. This […]