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Leader’s Digest | August 2022

This time our Leader’s Digest newsletter provides ideas and tools to lead change. Several experts including Seth Godin discuss what makes a successful leader in the future.

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🧐 Blog: In the future of leadership, the only certainty is uncertainty. Learn what seven experts think are the most important things for leaders to focus on going forward.

⭐️ Video: “When the world changes, management always fails because we don’t understand how to go forward,” says Seth Godin when highlighting the importance of responsibility in leading change.

📊 Article: The heatwave is taking a toll on Europe—while the ECB is pursuing price stability, you can fight the heat by garnishing your ice cream with the summer’s most innovative topping. Read more about last month’s business highlights.

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— A Recent HBR Article on Change Management

Researchers have found that to lead people through change successfully, leaders need to foster their primary need to belong. Traditional change management has followed a pattern of simplistic, top-down changes implemented linearly, whereas the new approaches are more emergent and dynamic—just like change itself. Despite this recent change, the success rate of transformation projects in organizations is staggeringly low.

HBR article on change management

This recent article by Harvard Business Review explains how change affects our need to belong and how this affects our responses to change. The research also identified four strategies for leaders to effectively drive change through belonging:

  1. Be mindful of your emotions: be before you do and practice emotional regulation and awareness
  2. Identify what people are seeking to preserve and why: look beyond resistance to change and find out what people seek to protect
  3. Lead difficult conversations: explore the discomfort related to change and find solutions
  4. Consider the prize and price of change: evaluate the individual and social costs of change and emphasize the gains for the business as a whole

Read the HBR Article

Stop and Think

“Instead of experience, in a fast-changing world, the leader has to focus on learning.” – Stefan Hyttfors


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